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Advanced Soft X-Ray Generation Technologies

Currently, there is a great interest in generating intense coherent or semi-coherent soft x-ray beams in commercial and military sectors, because their applications are anticipated to be potentially crucial to maintaining the global leadership of the US industry and military. The chief barrier to realizing these applications is that the generation of soft x-ray beams with traditional technologies is highly energy inefficient, costly, bulky and technologically challenging. Until now, such soft x-ray beams can only be generated in multi hundred-million-dollar foot-ball-field-sized facilities, such as laser fusion and z-pinch facilities that are only suitable for scientific researches. Therefore, their practical applications in commercial and military sectors have been highly limited.

Y.K. Bae Corporation aims at overcoming the limit by exploiting the new high energy density matter quantum state, Metastable Innershell Molecular State (MIMS), which was discovered by Dr. Bae and his colleagues in 1994 at the Brookhaven National Lab by impacting nanoparticles on selective targets at hypervelocity (v>100 km/s). MIMS exists in High Energy Density Materials [HEDM] or Warm Dense Matters (WDM) at pressures in excess of one hundred million atmospheres (10 Tera-Pascal), and its energy can be efficiently converted to soft x-ray photon energy with the use of nanoparticle impact that induces Dicke superradiance. In this picture, the nanoparticle impact creates "nanostars" that burst with super intense soft x-ray photons.  Based on the new discovery, Y.K. Bae Corporation in collaboration with Los Alamos National Lab is currently pursuing a wide range of economically viable applications from semiconductor lithography to inertial nuclear fusion.

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