Established in 2007, Y.K. Bae specializes in space and energy science and technology, with a primary focus on research and development funded by NASA, DTRA, and other institutions. Core research areas include photonic laser propulsion and the physics of transient high-energy molecules in stellar matter. Major achievements encompass the discovery of the Metastable Innershell Molecular State (MIMS) and the development of the Photonic Laser Thruster (PLT), leading to innovative space system concepts such as Photon Tether Formation Flight (PTFF) and Photonic Railway. Notable milestones include the successful scaling-up and propulsion demonstration of PLT under NASA's auspices, along with setting a speed record for high-density plasma jets generated by explosive-driven compressors in collaboration with Los Alamos Lab. The ongoing research focus aims to establish the scientific and technological foundation for realizing rapid mass space transportation within the solar system, utilizing Photonic Railways to connect planets, moons, and asteroids.