Photonic Railway

Pairing two scaled-up Photonic Laser Thrusters creates a revolutionary space transportation infrastructure known as the Photonic Railway, facilitating swift travel between planets, moons, and asteroids in the solar system. In this innovative system, laser beams act as a virtual rail, propelling and decelerating Space-Trains equipped with mirrors. The Photonic Railway offers unparalleled advantages, including unprecedented flight speeds, elimination of the need for heavy onboard propellant, highly reusable Space-Trains, and a high launch and landing frequency (up to 1000 times per year). This results in an ultra-large total payload mass capacity, marking a transformative leap in space transportation.


Capabilities of a Photonic Railway:

Space-Train Velocity: up to 30,000 km/s (10 % of the Light Speed)
Efficiency of Transforming Laser Energy into Spacecraft Kinetic Energy: up to 50 %
Annual Cargo Transportation Capacity: up to One Million Tons
Annual Crew Transportation Capacity: up to One Million



Rapid Repetitive Launch Concept Demonstration




Lunar Photonic Railway Network Concept




Earth-Mars Two-Way Photonic Railway Concept


Interplanetary Photonic Railway Network Concept